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Needhams Business Consultancy Services

At Needhams, we offer a comprehensive support service to businesses of all sizes and from all industry sectors. We provide professional, expert advice on a range of business functions, from business continuity planning to conflict resolution and the embedding of strategic resilience strategies.

Business Consultancy Services

When you hire Needhams as your consultant business, you will benefit from our impartiality, decades of relevant experience and mentoring. We can help your business to progress with ambitious growth plans, resolve existing issues or improve overall performance.

We take a tailored approach to consultancy, always giving you the time you need to explain why you need our help and defining the outcome that you wish to achieve. We will test your assumptions, review your risks with you and assist you to identify barriers to success and solutions for overcoming them.

You are the expert in your business and will know what strategies you have implemented previously and the success levels associated with them. By working in a collaborative manner, it is possible to derive a range of scenarios to stress test ideas prior to full implementation, learning from experience and tailoring the outcomes to suit the needs of the individual business.

What We Can Help With

We are business continuity specialists with a keen focus on business resilience. As such, we are experts at identifying the risks faced by businesses, how they would impact should they occur and considering the likelihood of success of varying mitigation activities and strategies. Our role is to challenge assumptions to ensure that the most effective solutions are identified and that sensible outcome-oriented decisions are made.

Whether your business needs to become more resilient to competitive challenges within the marketplace, with handling economic uncertainty or achieving environmental sustainability targets, we can help you to achieve your goals. We can recommend and implement the tools, processes and software packages that will allow you to identify your baseline, set targets and track your progress towards achieving them.

We will show you how regular project reviews will allow you to proactively identify upcoming problems and resolve them, whether this is staffing conflicts, resource shortfalls, or project-specific risks that could impact on the outcomes that you are working towards.

A key element of our consultant business service is maturity benchmarking. We can support your organisation in embedding a culture of continuous improvement, holding regular skills and capability reviews to ensure that progress is being achieved. Our tried and tested system will ensure that your organisation achieves its targets in the most efficient manner.


If you feel as though your business has lost its strategic direction, or you need the reassurance of an independent review to ensure that you remain on track to achieve your goals, please call Needhams today. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and agree a bespoke solution for satisfying them.


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