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Environmental Risk & Resilience

The basis of our services 

In the global commercial environment, the transition to Net Zero is emerging as the key long term thematic risk facing organisations. 

Decision making needs to allow for increased political and security risk, national and corporate policy making and regulation in the transition to a low carbon economy. 

For organisations to survive and thrive overall resilience to these risks can be improved. 

The Needhams service focuses on environmental education, training, and advice in order to highlight the importance of adopting a risk management framework to build organisational resilience but with the flexibility to integrate elements of a long-term Net Zero strategy.

The services 

Needhams services are designed to cover the broad range of issues facing companies at this time. The services which are simple and effective are divided as follows:

Needhams has already authored and lectured extensively on these topics and we are retained by a global major aggregates company to provide such services.
A selection of our publications and papers is available here.

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) services

A great day – I really enjoyed it. Good scenario with credible and accurate content and very well facilitated.

Emergency Services Representative

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