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The Power of Business Continuity Software

Businesses must be able to respond proactively to any unplanned event that could impact their operations and the way in which this is achieved is through business continuity planning. When a business is prepared for any eventuality, it is less likely to experience prolonged periods of unplanned downtime. It also stands a better chance of maintaining employee communication and will be able to restore operations more quickly.


Whilst it is certainly possible to run a business without the use of specialised software, it requires more effort and as time costs money, investing in the right software is invariably money well spent.


Types of business continuity software available


The primary types of business continuity software are those which support risk management, planning and communication.


Risk management software is essential to identify, record and analyse the risks that a business may face. It allows businesses to consider the probability and impact of each risk and to consider mitigations which may reduce the risk level. By maintaining a live risk management plan, businesses can routinely assess their current risk level and use this information to inform strategic decisions.


Planning software helps businesses to develop recovery plans based upon a rigorous assessment of the risks that the business is facing. It records the time, cost and resources that will be expended in responding to an emergency situation and predicts a likely recovery time. These tools typically encompass metrics and analytics which allow businesses to interrogate past performance to put in place improvements.


Cloud based business continuity software allows businesses to communicate effectively with their employees, wherever they are located. By eliminating the risk of staff accessing outdated document versions, cloud based communication software improves collaboration and information sharing among the workforce, creating a transparent environment which enables effective problem solving and data-driven decision making.


How business continuity tools and software can benefit your business


Embracing modern technology allows businesses to become resilient to unplanned disruptions. It allows for better communication, instils a risk aware culture and promotes transparency. Sophisticated business continuity software can even allow for an emergency notification system to be installed which issues pre-set text alerts to staff to keep them abreast as an emergency situation unfolds. This can help to reiterate responsibilities as well as to restore performance as quickly as possible.


Business continuity software is designed to empower businesses, by providing them with the tools that they need to navigate an unpredictable world. The software is easy to use, integrates with existing software and is compatible with the vast majority of business hardware. When implemented effectively alongside the right staff training and with a clear mindset, it can streamline company adoption of business continuity strategies and position your business for long term success.


To find out more about the tools, training and support that are available, please contact Needhams today.


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