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Support in ISO 22301 certification

Certifying to ISO 22301 can be a daunting and bureaucratic task. We know this because Needhams 1834 Ltd was the first UK company to attain ISO 22301. Since 2012 we have retained this without a single minor non-conformity being raised.

We have guided several clients through the process of gaining and maintaining ISO 22301 certification. This has included, conducting the internal audits, preparing the BCMS system and assistance during the certification audits. Clients have included, sovereign wealth funds, law firms and financial service companies.


Support in ISO 22301 Certification

We can help you by:


  • Undertaking an ISO 22301 gap analysis at the outset of the process.

  • Conducting Internal audits to the standard.

  • Preparation and education of staff prior to certification audit.

  • Training and exercising to meet the obligations of the standard.

  • Ongoing support in preparing the BCMS for certification.

  • Advice and assistance during the certification audit.

  • Support in designing action plans for issues raised during certification audits.

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