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Training, exercises, scenarios and simulations

There is no doubt that a plan, without being validated through an exercise, is of little use.

Often the selection of a good scenario is difficult, the degree of pressure to be placed on the team can be awkward to gauge and the time that is allocated to exercising is often brief.


Training, Exercises, Scenarios and Simulations

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For more than twenty six years Needhams 1834 have been developing training, and scenario-based exercises. We have refined a process to ensure that all participants are fully involved with the scenario and it achieves the aim and objectives set by the client.

We also find the ‘tempo’ of an exercise is critical to its success and teams need some periods of time where they can practice their meeting protocols.

Most importantly the scenario needs to resonate with the participants. It should have realism and have some degree of predictive validity. Finally, it should be ‘fun’ to do.

The process of authoring an effective exercise is outlined below.

M_Training chart – 1@2x.png
Training chart@2x.png

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