About Needhams 1834

Highly qualified, skilled and experienced consultants

Needhams consultants are all highly qualified, skilled and experienced. Our single aim is to build an effective relationship with clients from which an understanding of your resilience concerns allows us to focus on your most important issues.

Between us we have worked with a wide range of organisations all over the world and we all have a genuine passion for our work.


Dr Chris Needham-Bennett

Managing Director

Experience and expertise:

Chris has built up a wealth of experience since founding the company in 1996. He has worked across a wide spectrum of sectors and businesses in the UK and overseas. 


Andrew MacLeod MSc MBCI


Experience and expertise:

Andrew is an award winning business continuity and crisis management director with fourteen years’ experience developed as a director at Needhams 1834. 


Murray Lawton-Dauie PhD FBCI

Senior Consultant

Experience and expertise:

Murray has over twenty years experience in information risk management, incorporating operational risk, information security and business continuity... 


Robin Bucknall MA MSc CBCI

Experience and Expertise:
Robin is a former Royal Marines senior officer with 32 years’ experience across defence and international relations...

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