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Crisis Management Response and Advice

Crisis management response and advice

If the worst happens and you are in the middle of a complex and threatening crisis it can be very reassuring to have some professional help.

We can help you by:


Offering very cost-effective advice and guidance to all levels and aspects of the response with your interests as our prime concern.

We are impartial and objective and can often highlight issues which are difficult for internal staff to voice.

We have extensive experience of supporting organisations in responding to a crisis at the strategic and tactical levels. This has included  responses for the Covid-19 outbreak, the Ebola crisis in west Africa, extraction of UK nationals from overseas trouble spots and a complex cyber extortion attempt.

Our role has ranged from being the interim relief, Gold/strategic commander, and the Silver/tactical commander, but, most importantly we offer support to ensure the best decisions and solutions are identified.

In outline the process can be summarised below:

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M_crisis chart – 1@2x.png
crisis chart@2x.png

Please get in touch to find out how we can help you

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