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References, Links & Endorsements

IT penetration testing
FIRST BASE is one of the best social engineering and penetration testers available in the market place. What they can do to obtain data or gain entry to an organisation is truly frightening. If you survive their tests you are indeed pretty secure.

Security issues
OPTIMAL RISK is one of the best discreet but professional security companies we have come across. They have managed affairs for some very high profile clients and have always provided our own clients with sound pragmatic advice.

Cascade and call out alert systems
VOCAL In a very saturated market place Vocal stand out as being innovative and easy to use. This is especially important in the pressurised environment of real incident. Vocal has a number of other features that are useful in unfolding events and keeps staff informed of events in a timely fashion.

Incident logging and control systems
CLIO does as they say, ‘exactly what it says on the tin’. It has been bought for live use by most of the Police forces in the UK. There can be few better endorsements for it than this; the system is easy to use, simple, versatile and most importantly proven.

Over the years Needhams has witnessed many technological innovations and other services that complement our own expertise. Outlined below are web links to companies that we believe to be excellent in their particular field of expertise. We have in some way, shape or form either worked with these organisations or have seen them or their product working in real incidents.

Please note we do not take commission from any of the organisations listed so the advice is unbiased.

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References, Links & Endorsements

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