Presenting skills and Greek mythology

“3rd BCM Forum – Steering through turbulent waters”

Chris was recently invited to be a keynote speaker by Fidel & Fortis and Netweek Conferences at their annual BCM conference in Greece.


Upon hearing the title of the conference for the BCM Forum in Athens the most logical way of examining Business Continuity seemed blindingly obvious (to Chris anyway) – Greek Mythology; in particular the Iliad. Those hours spent studying the classics at school and buying encyclopedias of Roman and Greek history for the children’s birthday presents were about to pay off.

As one conference delegate tweeted, “Who said BCM can’t be fun?”


Chris drafted up a presentation taking conference participants through the tales of turbulent waters by Homer, illuminating some rather alarming similarities of the modern world imitating mythology in relation to risk management and business continuity.


There were great presentations delivered all round, but we just received notice that Chris was voted by the participants as the best conference presenter. He “certainly contributed to a greater understanding of Business Continuity Management, Crisis Management and Resilience in a highly creative and impactful manner. I would also like to thank you for your positive spirit and your excellent cooperation.”

Access to the slides of this presentation is available here

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