Needhams is always conscious that the costs to clients have to be managed in a prudent fashion whilst still allowing delivery of excellent planning, training and exercising.

Several of our clients have seized the opportunity to place us on a retainer basis where an agreed number of days are reserved over the year. We remain flexible to their needs and the deliverables within the set timeframe can be agreed in outline and then amended as circumstances dictates.

Whilst the features of the retainer and the cost vary according to needs and the organisations concerned some common features are:

  • Plan updates and reviews
  • Training, awareness and refresher sessions
  • Exercises, tests and simulations
  • Development of technological and social media solutions

The benefit to our clients is that they have budgeted from the outset for set pieces of work and can relax knowing that the work will be done on time to their specifications and that if required days can be re-roled easily.