Interim Management

All companies suffer some degree of turnover or staff unavailability for a number of reasons. If essential business continuity staff are required we can provide interim management from within our own resources or source a suitable interim manager for your organisation.

Often it is also a difficult and expensive choice to use costly consultancy for long term projects or increase headcount and overheads by direct employment.

Needhams interim management can provide a cost effective solution in both cases  where the interim manager and their performance with the client remains the responsibility of Needhams.

Thus Needhams differs from conventional interim management solutions in two very important ways:

  • We take responsibility for the manager on site and provide appropriate support for them to assist them in working for you.
  • We select interim managers with a clear operational understanding of the client requirements. As Business continuity consultants not recruiters we really understand the role required and are not simply shuffling CVs in the hope of a good fit.

When the project is ended you have the option of directly employing the interim manager if required without any restraint of trade or recruitment fee or simply ending the agreement.

This provides a very low risk strategy for clients who are uncertain of the role and duration that they need an interim manger for, or in effect it is a ‘try before you buy’ solution for a permanent post.