Complementary Services

Needhams experience with our clients has allowed us to develop many complimentary skills all of which are related to business continuity and crisis management issues. In addition to conventional consultancy we also offer the following services:

Interim Management

Many recruitment agencies have no real experience of clients business continuity demands. Needhams however understand Business Continuity intimately and can identify, source and present staff who we know to be capable and credible.  We can provide cover for staff on leave or recommendations for permanent roles so as to maintain momentum on projects or continuity in the event of staff moving to other posts. More

Public relations

We provide specialist training for any staff likely to have to face the press. More


We offer cost effective retainers to clients so as to maintain the continuity of service and maintain the momentum of their business continuity. More

E learning

With large workforces, pressure to maintain awareness and train new staff is burdensome. Needhams has developed e learning packages for clients to reduce the burden on training staff who cannot keep pace with the on-going needs of awareness training. More

Security Consultancy

Business Continuity and risk management are often closely related to security issues. Needhams consultant have gained a good insight into most security issues and can relate them easily to business continuity issues and solutions. As always our advice is pragmatic and grounded in experience. More