Case studies

Needhams is careful to ensure client confidentiality and the following case studies are heavily anonymised.

The value of desktop rehearsals

A professional practice firm due to merge in two days time had its main IT hub cables cut. Three months previously they had exercised this as a desktop scenario. Their systems were recovered and the merger went ahead.

The value of a bespoke simulation scenario

An overseas bank wanted a ‘realistic’ exercise. In the construction of the scenario Needhams discovered a potential ‘single point of failure’ in their payment system. The scenario was used in the exercise and the remedial actions to the system undertaken.

The value of background research for an exercise

A multinational operating in Africa wanted a scenario based exercise. In the research into their supply chain processes a vulnerability was identified which led to their review of their stockholdings.

The predictive validity of a walk through talk through scenario

In a walk through talk through for an aviation client the scenario of the closure of US airspace on the eastern seaboard was contemplated. It was at the time deemed ‘extremely unlikely’. Three months later 9/11 occurred and their response was far better than their competitors.