Business continuity planning

Business continuity planning. (Policy, framework, BIA, risk assessment, strategies, plan.)

Needhams has over 20 experience of resilience and business continuity planning, the bedrock of which is the plan itself. Plans can often be overly complex and there is a wide range of planning styles and formats.

How we can help you

Our perspective is that plans are a mental handrail to guide thinking in a crisis and are rarely a prescriptive and lengthy procedure.

Plans should be simple clear and easy to use. We favour bullet points and diagrams as opposed to large chunks of prose, together with some checklists where they are useful for specific issues.

Supporting these plans, we also offer a comprehensive annex library which contains all the crisis management documents and operations boards that you need to record and manage the event.

Underpinning the plan, we conduct a thorough risk assessment using some innovative means of analysis that make the risk assessment far more realistic and pertinent to the likely threats. The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is similarly concise and focused on the business-critical activities that are fundamental to the organisation’s survival.

Our plans are always aligned to ISO 22301 and even if you do not want to be audited to this standard it provides a reassurance to clients that the plans are of an appropriate degree of sophistication.

Diagram of the planning process :

Naturally, a plan is merely another corporate document unless it is validated by training and exercising.