Needhams 1834 is an industry-leading business continuity and crisis management consultancy. We deliver real impact, value and lasting change for public and private sector clients worldwide.

Our reputation has been built on the positive results of our work since 1996. Our award-winning consultants are globally recognised. The BCI awarded our managing director Global Continuity & Resilience Consultant of the Year 2015. In addition, Needhams’ consultants have won the CIR Newcomer of Year award and BCI Global BCM Newcomer of the Year award. and our senior consultant Newcomer of the Year 2016, as well as being finalists in numerous awards across the globe.

Needhams’ consultancy covers planning, training and exercising, taking you from the conceptual stages of a plan, through to simulation exercises. We advise all clients to increase in-house capacity wherever possible. Our training courses provide world-class practical expertise for excellent value.

We offer consultancy services in:

  • planning, training, exercising and testing
  • crisis management
  • crisis management PR and media
  • risk management


If you want to increase your organisation’s resilience, training courses are one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to achieve it.  We will be running A-Z of Business Continuity courses throughout the year; the perfect opportunity to grasp the foundations of BC and apply them to your organisation.

Response efficiency and recovery time will only ever be as strong as the preparedness of the people on the ground implementing the business continuity plan. See our training courses…